Order of protection. What happens if you have reconciled?

You can find yourself in the situation of obtaining a protection order against the abusive husband, if he is physically violent with you or the children, or is psychically abusing family members, but after a while, the state of affairs change.Before the period for which the protection order was issued, the husband can give clear evidence of change in his behavior, which causes you to try a reconciliation. Obviously, in such a situation, you will want to know how to modify the situation established by the order of protection so that the husband returns to the marital residence.

What can you do when reconciliation occurs between spouses?

A legal solution would be that the person against whom that order has been ordered to request the revocation or replacement of the measure.

The law provides that revocation is ordered if the following conditions are met cumulatively:

  • The aggressor spouse obliged the order or the obligations imposed;
  • The aggressor husband followed psychological counseling, psychotherapy, detoxification treatment or any other form of counseling or therapy established or followed the safety measures if such measures were taken against him;
  • If there are strong indications that the aggressor husband no longer presents a real danger to the victim of violence or to her family.

As well as the request for obtaining the protection order, the request for revocation shall be settled with the parties citing. In addition, the police unit that has enforced the protection order whose revocation is requested will be cited. The prosecutor’s participation is also mandatory, according to the law.

After years in which there was a legislative void, the Romanian legislator created this law as a support for women subjected to domestic violence.

Nobody deserves humiliation and violence, but at the same time, anyone can choose whether to offer a second chance to his/hers marriage!

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