July 4, 2017

10 reasons to hire Craiova Lawyer Lorena Dinca

Here are just some of the reasons to hire the legal services offered by the Craiova Law Office Lorena Dinca:

1. Legal specialization

Our law firm in Craiova works in specialized law fields, thus offering legal services at high quality standards. Our strategy is to address legal issues where we have accumulated experience and have achieved results over time.

2. Fair Fees

We claim the correct fees in relation to the difficulty of the cases and objective criteria for assessing each individual situation. Fees are neither the smallest nor the largest in the market, but are proportionate to the effort and time spent on each case. Through this method, we manage to offer our customers an unbeatable quality-price ratio, as they feel that financial investment is insignificant compared to the successes we get together in court.

3. Professional honesty

Within our collaboration honesty comes first. The legal diagnostics we provide are based on fair and objective assessments, and the chances of winning each file are analyzed with equidistance. This way, the client will know from the start what legal situation he / she is in and what is the best legal course of action regarding the Romanian legislation.

4. Celerity in solving any case

We know as well as you that time is extremely precious, and in a legal matter time is really essential. So, we solve all the legal issues in our portfolio with maximum promptness and with respect to all deadlines established with the client.

5. Payment in installments

For situations requiring such payment in installments, our office conducts a flexible policy, in the sense of contractually granting the opportunity to pay the lawyers’ fees in installments.

6. Free email and phone advice

We do not charge for additional fees for written (email) or telephone consultations during our collaboration with clients in our portfolio, with no hourly fees or hidden costs.

7. Contractual transparency

The legal assistance contracts concluded between the client and our law firm include clauses established in agreement with the client, without any hidden clauses, without additional fees, without further changes to the factual situation.

8. Extended work schedule

We organize our agenda according to our clients’ schedule, not just according to the courts. Thus, working hours are prolonged to accommodate all people in need of our help.

9. Total commitment in each case

Time has proven that every single case is unique and just as important to us, so we have treated our customers with the maximum amount of seriousness. This can be seen in the solutions we have achieved throughout our work.

10. A young attorney, professional well-trained and determined to achieve the expected results

By choosing to work with us, we hope to convince you that the dynamism and the desire to help clients get what they are entitled to receive from the act of justice are qualities that recommend Craiova Lawyer Lorena Dinca.

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