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Law Office Craiova – Civil Law

Litigation concerning property associations, court shares, owner requests, presidential orders, eviction actions, obligations to make or not make money invaluable, applications that are assessable in money.

Law Office Craiova – Criminal Law

Offenses against physical integrity or health, trafficking offenses, offenses against property, forgery, crimes against freedom and sexual integrity.

Law Office Craiova – Family Law

Divorce actions, exercising parental authority over the minor, establishing affiliation – paternity actions, tutelage and family claims.

Law Office Craiova – Contraventional Law

Complaints of violation against minutes of finding and sanctioning contraventions drawn up by: Police, CNADNR, ARR, Environmental Guard, appeals for fines.

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"The law is the guarantee that citizens will be honest with each other." (Aristotle)
Your legal problems will be resolved in a discreet, prompt and professional manner.

Lorena Dinca - Cabinet Avocat Craiova

Here are some of the reasons why my law office in Craiova is the inspired choice for you:

I graduated the Law School from Craiova with a perfect 10 overall, being the head of the 2015 promotion. In the same year I became a lawyer in the Dolj Bar. I am currently working in a new formula, namely Craiova lawyer's office.

I also graduated the Masters Degree in Private Law from the Law School of Craiova with a perfect 10 average. On March 25, 2016, I was present at the Conference "Land Book, Current Aspects and Problems", organized by the Faculty of Law of Craiova and Private Law Studies and Research Center.

In December 2015, I was awarded the Magna Carta Excellence Scholarship offered by the Inner Temple English Bar and sponsored by Stoica & Associates, and from February 19 to March 13, 2016, I was involved in numerous activities within London law firms, major law firms such as Allen & Overy and Clyde & Co, as well as attending conferences such as the Annual European Law Conference at King's College London.

Within the courts, throughout this period, I have been attending both lawyers, members of the Inner Temple, and judges from the Royal Courts of Justice, the Court of Appeal and the Southwark Crown Court.

During my time in London I also contacted consultancy lawyers through Allen & Overy and Clyde & Co, well-known law firms in the field of corporate law.

On October 19, 2015, I took part in the "Rule of Law and Magna Carta" Conference under the aegis of the English Inner Temple Bar beside the British Embassy in Bucharest.

In 2015, I took part in the Conference "Respect for privacy or freedom of speech?", Organized by Dolj Bar in partnership with the United States Embassy in Bucharest.

In January-April 2015, I participated in the practice program entitled "Internships for your career in law" under the aegis of the Romanian Notary Institute together with the University of Craiova and Loop Operations and Economic Confort.

In November 2014, I participated in the Conference "Strengthening the Rule of Law in a Space of Change" held by the Expert Forum in partnership with the South East Europe Rule of Law Program of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Liderjust.

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